RontoXM scam or legit

RontoXM ( is another scam from an anonymous group of scammers who regularly create new pseudo broker sites to scam people. ...

  1. This company makes it impossible to withdraw your money. I already terminated my business with them after An asset recovery team tracked and recovered my money

  2. Don’t trust on this website. Their staff is completely mannerless.. Zero customer service. I don’t think that even they have a complete management. Go for any professional company instead of this type of websites

  3. The transaction fees were prohibitive and I lost a significant portion of my profits.

  4. These are scammers! Not only is the money withdrawn for a very long time and there are always only replies, but the money also disappears from the account. Apparently, things are really bad and in this way they are trying to earn money. Do not mess with this broker!

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