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Recenzja Martyn Services Limited opinie o Martyn Services Limited ( to kolejne oszustwo od anonimowej grupy oszustów, którzy regularnie tworzą nowe strony pseudo brokerów w celu oszustwa
Martyn Services Limited

Martyn Services Limited review — Quick Reference

Martyn Services Limited review: Martyn Services Limited is a scam, and we’ll show evidence to support our accusations. Martyn Services Limited has a space theme to its website, which is apt for its name, referring to one of the largest space telescopes. It also serves the secondary purpose of presenting the broker’s philosophy straight away, as we correlate tech and space. In essence, Martyn Services Limited aims to be a modern brokerage that provides traders with access to modern trading technology. The goal here is to make trading both more effective and more accessible at the same time. That might be a tall task, but it’s definitely admirable that the broker is so ambitious.

marwick marlpark
The fraudulent project Martyn Services Limited turned out to be a complete copy of the scam Marlpark Limited and Marwick Investments Limited. Both of these projects were created by the same scammers.

They have absolutely identical sites, only the name has been changed from Marlpark Limited ( and Marwick Investments Limited ( to Martyn Services Limited . Within a few weeks of Marwick Investments Limited operation, many traders have already figured out the essence of the scam. To get rid of the plume of negative reviews and continue the deception, the scammers simply made a rebranding.

Martyn Services Limited — Contacts

Phone: +442080971600 ; +48128817400 

E-Mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

Address: 15 St Botolph St, London EC3A 7BB, UK

How to replenish the account and how to withdraw money? The broker Martyn Services Limited recommends using only one way to replenish / withdraw funds from the account.

So, three options for replenishing the deposit and withdrawing money:

  • Replenishment of the account with cash according to the details. It can be done through any payment system.
  • Non-cash replenishment and withdrawal with a bank card.
  • Replenishment with an e-wallet. An important point — currency conversion will happen automatically.


Martyn Services Limited claims to be based in the UK, but without a single grain of proof to support this. There is no telling if the firm is incorporated under UK companies house laws, and even if it was, we still would not trust it. The reason is that a registration as a company does not warrant a license, an FX one at that!

On the other hand, the company is pretty liberal with the word law in the Privacy Policy, which by the way is the only available legal document in the entire website. It’s as ambiguous as one can become when juggling with the word.

Last but not least, we have a warning from the FCA stating that Martyn Services Limited is a risk and not a UK broker; so the UK address is definitely a fake one.

Overall, Martyn Services Limited is unregulated and a risk to all clients. Do not invest here.

We challenge anyone to give us a reason to invest in an unregulated broker! Joke aside, there isn’t a bigger online investment risk than this. That is why it is crucial to always check the broker for a license, make sure that the company appears in the regulator’s database, and if so, proceed. If not, make sure no move to the next broker.

Rate & Review Martyn Services Limited

Account plans from a broker, Martyn Services Limited — this always attracts the attention of broker’s clients. It is good if the broker offers special conditions for newcomers to the market. For example, if a customer really wants to try trading, but is afraid of losing their money. In this case, pay attention to the accounts — in Marwick Investments Limited this is the «Beginer» portfolio — with this portfolio you can start trading with 250 euros per share.

Recenzje Martyn Services Limited
Recenzje Martyn Services Limited

Today, technically, the software of most European intermediaries allows you to diversify your deposits. This means being able to invest and manage multiple assets at once. For example, has such options. Reviews of the company say that many customers choose to trade with multiple assets:

  • The most common Forex currency pairs;
  • Shares of popular companies, including US companies;
  • Raw materials market — grain, oil, metals, etc.;
  • Indices;
  • Cryptocurrency trading.

Martyn Services Limited reviews

Now it is observed that almost every week there are massively negative reviews. People accuse the project of fraud and demand a refund.

Martyn Services Limited Review — Conclusion

Martyn Services Limited ( is another scam from an anonymous group of scammers who regularly create new pseudo broker sites to scam people. Fraudsters adhere to complete anonymity, hide behind someone else’s legal data. Considering all the checks, it is strongly discouraged to invest in the Martyn Services Limited.

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