Broker SolisMarkets

SolisMarkets ( is another scam from an anonymous group of scammers who regularly create new pseudo broker sites to scam ...

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  1. SolisMarkets is a big scam broker, I paid a huge amount of $50,000, They persuaded me, into putting more of my hard earned money with all hope to get profits in return, they won’t allow me to withdrawal my investment. All because all they wanted is to steal my money. I got advised to go ahead to file a refund case against them, which to my greatest surprise I was able to withdraw my money, I contacted ([email protected]) and his team of recovery experts, they were able to assist me to withdraw of my money, and restore my funds, they are responsive, you can reach out to him for help also,I guess am not the only one who has fallen victim, people might need this information.

  2. This is a total deception. You can’t call trade trade. Just a mockery. Constant disconnects. it just hints at something worthwhile – the deal will definitely fail.

  3. Do not associate with this broker. They do not withdraw money! 3 months my application hangs, the support really can’t say anything, they repeat like parrots “In the first place”. Not a broker, but a scam!

  4. This broker is terrible! I would post screenshots if I could but it does not allow it on here. Anyways stay away from this broker.

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